Stress Management

The Challenge: Stress Management

When was the last time you told someone you were stressed out? Or someone said that to you? Maybe in the last 24hrs? or maybe in the last hour?!?!  Stress has become common place in our world today and is one of the biggest factors affecting our health.
Weight gain, headaches, broken sleep, tired & cranky, low libido are all signs of Adrenal burn out or stress. It’s not the big things that are affecting our bodies it’s the little day to day things.  We are coping with environmental, emotional, & physical stress and the emotional stress can have the biggest impact on us.
The Stress Response

My Lifestyle Design programs will help you address stress from both ends: Physically & Mentally

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    Physical Approach:

    Support your body in Adapting to Day to Day Stress
    The moment you feel a negative emotion like guilt, frustration, anger your body goes from Alkaline to Acidic in an instant.  The goal is to keep body in alkaline state so it starts to handle stress differently. Naturopaths will prescribe adaptogenic herbs to help your body cope with stress.  Adaptogens are a unique class of healing plants: They help balance, restore and protect the body. An adaptogen doesn’t have a specific action: It helps you respond to any influence or stressor, normalizing your physiological functions.

    Cortisol is a good hormone, until you are out of balance.  When you wake in the morning full of energy this is because your Cortisol is at 100%.  You are meant to use this up through the day going down to  end the day at 10%. But as drama happens throughout your day your Cortisol goes up instead of going down. The goal is to bounce off these small stressors so you can go to sleep and wake up rejuvenated.

    To protect you from the extra Cortisol, and other toxins, your body encapsulates the toxins in fat.  This prevents you from losing weight properly. Adaptogenic herbs allow your body to come back into balance add with cleansing of these toxins and your body will start to release the weight.

    The Good News: We have a great tasting adaptogen drink to help you cope with these daily stressors and a scientifically proven nutrition & cleansing program to help you release the toxins.

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    Mental Approach:

    Ok so now that we have shifted your body to cope with your daily stressors we can begin to look at reprogramming your mental response to stress.

    What is your immediate response when something stressful happens? When your kid leaves pee on the seat? When someone cuts you off in traffic? Or you are running late for an appointment? Does this cause a chain reaction for you? Do you spend time mulling over why, or what you will do differently next time, or how this shit always seems to happen to you?

    I want to offer you the opportunity to look at things differently.  I want to challenge you to extend your tolerance for feeling happy.  Together we can create new mental patterns through healthy daily habits and coaching provided in my programs.

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