The Challenge: Fitness

My journey into learning about nutrition began because I was looking to improve my Rock Climbing.  Like most active people I was looking to release weight while increasing lean muscle, improving energy, and reducing recovery time.

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  • What I discovered was that all the physical training in the world would not allow me to reach my goals if I wasn't fueling my body with the nutrition it requires.  Active people require even more food, water, and breath more air which can lead to their bodies being even more toxic than the average person.

    It becomes even more challenging to release the last couple pounds and feel energetic and vibrant when your body is experiencing toxic overload.  This is why I have incorporated nutritional cleansing as a regular part of my healthy lifestyle.  I have seen the results personally and in my clients when they improve their nutritional intake, reduce toxic load, and I am pleased to have a product solution that supports this along with a complete line of performance products.

  • Today I am a Yoga Instructor and Certified Strength Fitness Instructor teaching classes at our local YMCA.

    For my 40th birthday, I competed in my first Triathlon and I have every intention of staying healthy and setting new fitness goals for myself as I age.  Like many other professional athletes that follow the same programs that I do I know that the key to keeping my body in performance shape is nutrition.

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