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About Tammie

I am PASSIONATE about Motivation, Organization, Leadership, & Education. Reach out your hand and I will take it and give you the loving Kick in the Ass to Design the Life you really want!
  • Health Coaching since 2013
  • Certified Group Strength Instructor
  • Certified Yoga Instructor
Some of the things people say about me are:
  • Tammie has a heart for people!
  • She is continually growing herself to be able to help more people in the world.
  • She loves to travel the world with her husband and son as well as host people in her own home.
  • Her business of helping people transform their lives through nutrition and intermittent fasting is the perfect pairing for her love of people and desire to see the world.
  • She truly lives a balanced, connected life.
  • Tammie excels at organization, teamwork, and being a go-getter/go-giver.


  • Claire G. from Langley BC, Mom & Nursing Student
    Weight Loss/Energy/Lifestyle Balance
  • Simon G. Kamloops BC, Competitive Climber and Gym Owner
    Weight Loss/Performance/Conveniece
  • Stephanie R. from Kelowna, BC, Mom & Busy Business Woman
    Weight Loss/Athletic Performance/Lifestyle Balance
  • As a busy mom it was difficult to get organised and create meals that were healthy, looking for something to eat, getting something quick and easy and then not eating enough to not pack on the pounds. I saw your posts online and heard from a friend and decided to give it a shot. Can’t really express the difference because it’s so phenomenal. My exhaustion, my moods, my husband has noticed I’m much more positive, my kids have noticed I’m more patient. Finding food to eat is super simple and healthy and is a good example for my kids to watch me thrive instead of just survive. Your help to follow the program has been instrumental. I’ve been able to drop 8 pounds in just the last 3 weeks!