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Nutrition Lunch & Learn

Employers can reduce absenteeism, lost productivity and significant cost when they understand the causes of absenteeism at their organization and adopt targeted strategies to address them. To reduce absenteeism, workplace health promotion policies should incorporate recommendations designed to prevent and manage excess weight, improve diet quality and increase physical activity levels of employees.

Contact me today to book a Lunch & Learn for your employees to educate them on the importance of nutrition & exercise and provide them with solutions to improve their health. Lunch & Learn sessions are available in person or via Live Webinar.

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Keynote Speaker

Bring Tammie into your workshop to deliver impactful activities and help your participants to leave with a shift in their identity and actionable steps to begin to live a healthy abundant life they are designing on purpose each day.

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Retreat Value Add

Add yoga and fitness to your retreat specifically tailored to help your participants shift their self image and feel empowered to take action in their lives. Combining skills as a personal development trainer and certified strength and yoga instructor Tammie will help you to add physical imprinting of the shifts you are delivering thereby creating immense added value for your participants.

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  • Tammie is an engaging speaker & educator who promises to over-deliver in value for your participants.