About Tammie

Hi, I’m Tammie and I help families shed physical and emotional weight while implementing new healthy habits to design a life filled with abundance.

I believe you can and should DESIGN the life you want. You are enough, this is your ONE chance to live this life and you should take charge of making it the best life, don’t just let it happen. I know you were born ready, you have everything you need inside you, you are enough. The habits you’ve created were to protect you but they are no longer serving you, you are not your past and I know you have something special within you.

You were born with all you need to design and live your most abundant life and with access to the tools to do so that mountain of a dream will become your reality.

I used to wake up feeling miserable. Having to go to my “perfect job”, drop off my perfect child, and live my perfect life. Wanting to crawl back under the covers and hide vs face my day. I had everything on the “success” checklist in life so why did I feel so unhappy? I would plan another vacation to experience a few weeks of bliss only to have that dread as I returned home. I would eat and eat to stuff down my feelings despite knowing better and feeling even worse after. It was like I was watching my life from a distance “happening” and out of my control. My sweet boy would sob and cling to my leg as I dropped him off at daycare. My relationship with my husband was seriously lacking in love and quality time. And I was burning out putting on my ‘happy life is perfect’ face as I lived trapped in my perfect life. Have you ever felt like you put one foot in from of the other and ended up in a life that you didn’t “design” but just happened to you?

I had begun to do some personal development work, listening to podcasts reading books etc, beginning to open my mind to what could be possible but what was lacking was the belief in myself. I went to this workshop in Vancouver and it turned out to be about creating 10 out of 10 belief. And one of the areas of belief was the belief in self and that was what I was missing. I soaked up that weekend because I was so ready. Ready for change, ready to feel good again, ready to believe. And what I needed most was to hear that I was good enough, that other also believed in me. I came home from that weekend and told my husband I was quitting my job and we were going to Belize and our lives were about to change!

I want the freedom to live the life I designed. To choose where I live. To choose what hammock or coffee shop I work from each day.

I know I am meant to leave a lasting impact on this world through empowering others to design their life. I want to build the confidence in everyone I meet to know that they deserve to live the fully abundant life they design. So no one has to stay trapped, so no one has to look back on the timeline of their life and regret they didn’t fulfill their purpose. Because I believe everyone has greatness inside them. Everyone has a gift they were meant to live that will make this world a better place no matter how big or small.

Quick Info
About Tammie

I am PASSIONATE about Motivation, Organization, Leadership, & Education. Reach out your hand and I will take it and give you the loving Kick in the Ass to Design the Life you really want!
  • Health Coaching since 2013
  • Certified Group Strength Instructor
  • Certified Yoga Instructor
Some of the things people say about me are:
  • Tammie has a heart for people!
  • She is continually growing herself to be able to help more people in the world.
  • She loves to travel the world with her husband and son as well as host people in her own home.
  • Her business of helping people transform their lives through nutrition and intermittent fasting is the perfect pairing for her love of people and desire to see the world.
  • She truly lives a balanced, connected life.
  • Tammie excels at organization, teamwork, and being a go-getter/go-giver.