So what do YOU get?!?!

4 Week Healthy Kickstarter

4 Week mini Cycle of Abundance
Weekly 1 on 1 15min check in
weekly Live training video
weekly Facebook office day to answer your questions
meal plans and grocery lists
kitchen clean-out
exercise strategy
mindful habits for happiness
weekly challenges and activities
Register before May 1, 2017 and receive your personal Virtual Kitchen Visit (value $45) AND a $35 Gift Card to spend at Abundant by Nature Conscious clothing.


*note prices listed for Shed & Shift are the Beta offering and will go up significantly for September 2017!





oF $75




Existing clients pay only $49


Do you want to up the anti?
Are you ready to go to the next level?

Shed & Shift
4 Month Program

Launches 1st Monday of each month
  • 4 months of Coaching, Support & Tools to Re-Design Your Life
  • Weekly Live Trainng Call for Questions (recorded)
  • Private Facebook community
  • Monthly Private 1 on 1 Session
  • Weekly Facebook Live training video
  • Weekly Facebook office hour to answer your questions live
  • meal plans and grocery lists
  • Kitchen clean-out
  • exercise strategy
  • mindful habits for happiness
  • Weekly Challenges & Activities
  • Guided Abundance Meditation
  • Many Other Fun Surprises


I hear you, and I’m sure you’ve felt frustrated and let down. This program is different though. It’s so much more than a number on a scale. Your image of yourself is one of the most powerful forces in human nature. If you shed the pounds but don’t shift your image to match that miss alignment will take you out of your comfort zone and your image will go to work to "pull you back to safety". The simple part of this program will be releasing the weight. The challenge, and the reason this program is 4 months instead of 4 weeks, is because we will go to work through conditioning and shifting your environment to support your new healthy lifestyle so that it creates new habits and gives you an Image Upgrade.
I know! And that’s why you are here. The weekly activities will be simple and replace existing habits that are not serving you. Through the program, you will be learning how to create more time and align your schedule with your values.

Today it may seem everyone else’s needs come before your own and there’s no time left in the week to wash your hair let alone exercise, take this program, or pursue your passion. I am always being told how organised I am and asked how to I manage with so much going on? I will share with you how to master time management skills so that you are DESIGNING your week in alignment with your values.
No, I will provide meal plans that do not include Isagenix. The choice is up to you if you want to follow an Isagenix system or shop elsewhere for your nutrition.
Yes! If you are feeling trapped/want to escape, responsible, always "doing" without purpose. Or chasing life from behind, overwhelmed, stressed out, exhausted, unmotivated, trying to keep up with treadmill, no time, no energy and just not good enough and are looking for happiness fulfillment, purpose, certainty, control, the time and energy to play, to be enough for everyone, but especially yourself. Then using this program to design the life you really want then you are exactly who I am excited to work with.
No, I have experience with and thoroughly enjoy working with empty nesters, vibrant millennials, and couples without children. If you see yourself in the benefits I listed above and you feel ready to take control of designing your life, then let’s do this!


  • Claire G. from Langley BC, Mom & Nursing Student
    Weight Loss/Energy/Lifestyle Balance
  • Stephanie R. from Kelowna, BC, Mom & Busy Business Woman
    Weight Loss/Athletic Performance/Lifestyle Balance
  • As a busy mom it was difficult to get organised and create meals that were healthy, looking for something to eat, getting something quick and easy and then not eating enough to not pack on the pounds. I saw your posts online and heard from a friend and decided to give it a shot. Can’t really express the difference because it’s so phenomenal. My exhaustion, my moods, my husband has noticed I’m much more positive, my kids have noticed I’m more patient. Finding food to eat is super simple and healthy and is a good example for my kids to watch me thrive instead of just survive. Your help to follow the program has been instrumental. I’ve been able to drop 8 pounds in just the last 3 weeks!